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Wee Brand

About This Project

“Wee Brand is a boutique brand agency and we pride ourselves with creating transforming results for businesses and a big part of achieving these results is working with experts and getting things done professionally. Practicing what we preach and leading by example is a value of ours which is why we engaged Farley Marketing’s service to not only help with our marketing strategy, but to also bring in an outside perspective on what we were doing and wanting to achieve.

The marketing plan that was developed for us was realistic and achievable. Sarah Farley asked great questions and really understood what Wee Brand was about and we are very happy with the solution we received.”

Lin Wee, Founder & Owner, Wee Brand


The Business:

An end-to-end creative brand agency, Wee Brand.

The Brief:

Understanding the difference between Brand and Marketing and the benefit of enlisting outside expertise for a fresh approach, Farley Marketing was asked to assist Wee Brand launch, build awareness and drive sales of a new product offering targeted at start-ups. Marketing needed to be highly targeted over a 12-month period to maximise ROI, with minimal marketing dollar investment.

The Solution:

Starting at launch phase, a 12-month marketing plan was developed for Wee Brand’s new product offering working to a quarterly phased approach (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4).

Q1 has a zero marketing dollar investment assigned based on the understanding that Wee Brand will be executing the plan and their ‘time’ is the investment.

Recommended quarterly marketing efforts were developed so they are achievable. The final document was not simply a list of anything and everything that could be done to market their product. Rather, it was a highly targeted marketing approach, which was realistic for Wee Brand to execute in addition to their Business As Usual (BAU) work.


October 2015

Brand Marketing